The person behind One Inch Punch is Sander Tiebosch who works in advertising since 1992. The showcase presents some of my work from the last few years. The philosophy behind my work is that it can be timeless. That's why it is not sorted by medium or year. Just feel what you see and hopefully you will enjoy it.
For the last 23 years I have been creating graphic designs for online as well as offline media. You can think about websites, logos, flyers, ads, t-shirts, identities, emails, business cards, infographics, folders and so on. It depends more on your needs what to create.
I am working around the area of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. To get in contact call me on my mobile number or send an email. If you are calling outside of the Netherlands dial +31 6 23734112. For more background information take a look at my LinkedIn profile.
06 23734112